Andrew ‘TAME, The Aspiring Me’ Davis, son of the late Houston Hip Hop legend Big Mello, is a quick-witted emcee from the suburb of Mo City, TX. His passion for creating ambiance-induced, feel-good music for the masses peaked when he was gifted a Casio keyboard as a child. The Aspiring Me perfected his craft as an all-around artist despite having a rhyme book confiscated by his high school principal whom cited it as being a terroristic threat. This incident catapulted “Lil Mello’s” journey into the Houston underground Hip Hop scene. Following the success of his self-titled 2013 LP, The Aspiring Me, Complex Magazine listed the project #8 of their 10 Best Houston Rap Mixtapes of 2013. The Aspiring Me’s growth can be heard via his discography which includes The Mello Campaign, The Mello Campaign Pt. 2, A.D.D. The N.E.R.D.,  The Aspiring Me EP & LP, OK, WHATEVER, 98 BRIARGATE & 11 ALMEDA, AND MOST RECENTLY YOU MIGHT LIKE THIS. Determined to be the best he continues to hone his skills by touring across North America from The Hamptons to Montreal to New York City and performing at multiple music festivals such as SXSW in Austin and Brooklyn’s Juicy Art Fest. When asked about the vision of his music, TAME states: "I want people to have fun and to know it’s ok to be themselves. When people hear my music I want them to say “Damn, I’ve been there.” I’m sharing my story, influences, and outlook on life, and if it turns out there may be someone else that feels the same way I want to know them and be friends."



When i Get Home, film by Solange Knowles

Marfa, TX

HAA Grant recipient, presented by Mayor

Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston, TX


Black Love Fest, curated by The Black School,

Harlem, NY, Sugar Hill Children's Museum

Lil B THE BASEDGOD live, curated by

Margin Walker, Houston, TX, White Oak Music Hall 

You Might Like This, Cool Pants, curated by

Michael Pearson, Washington, CD

You Might Like This, The Sound Hole,

curated by Joey Maron, Philadelphia, PA

You Might Like This, The Crown, curated by

Michael Pearson, Baltimore, MD

You Might Like This, Friends & Lovers,

curated by Yusef Naseer, Brookllyn, NY

You Might Like This, 12 MM, curated by

Diverse Works, Houston, TX

NTCAHBS, SXSW, curated by

Brandi Alexander, Austin, TX

EXP SXSW 2018, curated by

Anthony Williams, Austin, TX

Still Tippin On The Verge SXSW,

curated by Steven Chavez, Austin, TX

Ahead Of Our Time, curated by

The Regal People, Houston, TX



You Might Like This, curated by Nate

Edwards, Houston Museum Of

African American Culture, Houston, TX

You Might Like This, Machine Girl,

curated by YBPR, Houston, TX

You Might Like This, Beats & Beer,

curated by KTRU, Rice University,

Houston, TX

Scales, curated by Solange Knowles,

Chianti Foundation, Marfa, TX

Black Love Fest, curated by

The Black School, Brooklyn

Children's Museum,

Brroklyn, NY

Boomtown Film Festival, curated by

Kevin Clay, Beaumont, TX

HEAD HELD HIGH, curated by

Allison Macdonald, Allston, MA

HEAD HELD HIGH, curated by

Joey Maron, Philadelphia, PA

Antwon, curated by Houston Trash,

Walters Downtown, Houston, TX



OK, Lets Tour, curated by,

Andrew Davis, Crumbville,

Houston, TX

OK, Lets Tour, Crosstown Arts,

curated Amahl Khaliq, Memphis, TN

OK, Lets Tour, curated by,

Amahl Khaliq, Mount Olive, IL

OK, Lets Tour, curated by,

Amahl Khaiq, Nashua,

New Hampshire

OK, Lets Tour, FlyWheels Art Collective,

curated by Amahl Khaliq, East

Hampton, MA

OK, Lets Tour, curated by Aurora

Providence, Providence, RI

OK, Lets Tour, curated by SUNNYVALE,

Brooklyn, NY

OK, Lets Tour, New Mountain AVL,

curated by Amahl Khaliq, Asheville, NC

Show Me The Body, Matchbox Gallery,

curated by Rice University